Solidarity funds, do immigrants benefit?

La bonne nouvelle est qu’il est encore temps de remplir le formulaire pour novembre 2020. Mais gardez à l’esprit: ne restez pas passive !

Just a few days ago, at the end of January 2021, the French government announced the extension of the solidarity funding period for December 2020, for freelancers, the self-employed, small, medium or big entrepreneurs. So, from January 15, you have the opportunity to fill out the form online and demand this fund. It will continue to be given to help all of these categories cope with some of the shocks given and still being given by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many immigrants, Albanian as well, at least among those I have talked to, do not know this. There are even many who have not benefited from these funds for November 2020.


 Because the news circulate in French and they still have not heard or understood them. And because, very often, the entrepreneurial immigrants expect their accountants to start the procedures.

As, in fact, it should be.

But that is not always the case as accountants are usually very busy; they simultaneously hold the account of many businesses, prioritize bigger clients (and migrant entrepreneurs are often small or medium) or initiate solidarity funding procedure for clients who demand it. Here, again, migrants are a little bit lost because, as I said, the news circulates in French, a language that the young migrant communities, as like Albanians, still do not speak, read or write fully.

Therefore, I am writing this article to provide as much help as possible because getting these funds is very important.

The second good news is that there is still time to fill out the form for November 2020. But keep in mind: do not sit back! If you have an accountant, clearly ask him to do it for you. Or try filling out the form yourself. If you need help, you can write to us at [email protected] or here Contact us

To qualify for the solidarity fund December 2020, you must apply, at most, by February 28, 2021. So hurry up!

Funds, the news of 2021

According to the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Relance, "following the announcements… on 14 January 2021, the solidarity fund is experiencing several changes:

  1. Income from online sales and distance sales (for example, sale of motorized pizza, etc. - author's note), will not be calculated in the reference turnover for the calculation of aid: this is valid from December 2020. (So, if in December 2020 you made a turnover of 1000 euros from distance sales, you will not declare this amount as part of this month's turnover. As a result, the declared monthly turnover is smaller and this increases the opportunity to benefit from the solidarity fund, at a higher figure - author's note).
  2. Companies in the sectors S1 bis entreprises des secteurs S1 bis [PDF - 171 Kb], which have lost at least 70% of their turnover, will be entitled to compensation covering 20 % of the annual turnover of 2019 up to a limit of € 200,000 per month: this is valid for December 2020.

While some non-food businesses, already closed, benefit from support measures as well as from the strengthened solidarity fund , they have the right to choose between:

  • the turnover compensation (up to € 10,000 compensation)
  • or the compensation of 20% of the turnover (with a turnover ceiling of up to € 200,000 per month) "., February 2021.

Info Box

In the next article, I will explain what the terms of the benefit of aid are, how the amount is calculated and where to find the relevant form.

Source:, February 2021

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