Our associative partner

In May 2022, we signed a partnership agreement with AMI-PLUS, a French association, under Law 1901. We have made this information platform available to them, free of charge, also providing all the necessary technical assistance and maintenance. Why? Because we simply share together the same mission, the same philosophy: Free information, easy for users to understand, verified and in many languages, for migrants living in France and coming from outside the European Union. Other shared values and missions? Raising public awareness and peacefully combating hate speech on migrants and migration.


Communication on behalf of social causes is her greatest professional passion. Elda has been working as a journalist for 19 years now, for many media in Albania, Macedonia and France (Courrier International, Courrier des Balkans), on social and economic topics. In addition to journalism, since 2012 she has been working with various international organizations in Albania and Kosovo (Oxfam, World Vision) in fields like civic and institutional engagement, protection of children and young people, economic independence of women, 

 traditional and online media relations etc. She has trained hundreds of young people, women, colleagues and administrative staff in the field of human rights and communication. Arrived in France in 2017, with her husband and two children, Elda continues to be heavily involved in the community life of Nancy and Meurthe-et-Moselle, alone or through associations such as Secours Catholique France-Caritas, Oxfam France, Restos du Cœur, either as a member or a volunteer. Meanwhile she continues writing and giving interviews for different medias in Albania. She holds a degree in journalism / communication sciences, and a Master 2 in economics / marketing.

Igli Bleta

The use of information technologies at the service of people and institutions is one of his strongest professional motivations. Igli has been working as a designer and web developer since 2001, first in Albania, then in France, when he arrived in 2017, with Elda and their 2 children. He is largely involved in helping the most vulnerable people in Nancy, mainly through the Salvation Army and Restos du Cœur food campaigns.

In addition, Igli is part of the Welcome association network which seeks housing solutions for newcomers to Nancy. Member of the French Chess Federation since 2017, he regularly participates in various tournaments and awareness-raising activities that take place in Meurthe-et-Moselle. Igli studied IT and Business Administration and is currently completing a Master 2 in Business Administration in conjunction with an American university.

trésorier d'AMI-PLUS

Having opted from the age of 20 for a status of "self-employed" worker, I then experienced different professional status (VRP, Commercial Agent and manager) over a period of 10 years. In 1993, I became an atelier instructor in an ESAT (Work Assistance Service Establishment) for people with sensory disabilities, which revealed a real awareness for me. Having become an actor in the development (at national and international level) in the field of white canes’ production, the tone would be now set to explore many of the possibilities offered by the Social and Solidarity Economy. However, moving from a sole proprietorship to the status of employee of a medico-social structure could not had be done without prior training.

Upon returning from this training, in Canada, as part of an individual leave, the discovery of "Citizenship Education" echoed my education and professional career. A dissertation on “closed environments vs open environments”, thanks to the thesis of a disciples of Prof. DESCOLA on the boatmen of Maroni, as well as the readings of various works (The factory of the excluded -J.MAISONDIEU , Suffering in France -C. DESJOURS or Ideology and Utopia -P. RICOEU), would consolidate my theoretical base, never far removed from “popular education” philosophy. The associative environment where I had already held various positions as a secretary and treasurer, would lead me in 2006 toward Oxfam France as coordinator of the Local Group of Nancy, then as administrator for the last 6 years.

Jacqueline Pierson
secrétaire d'AMI-PLUS

Many people in Nancy and its surroundings have followed her radio and TV shows for years. And Jacqueline Pierson is still “on air”, lively and inspiring. Apparently, she has always been like this: "Passionate, from the age of 9, by the writing of mini plays and their interpretation under my leadership from the children of my neighborhood, I oriented my choices towards communication, reporting, animation of debates, and later towards professional trainings in the field of Human Resources and communication. Now in retreat, no book, no magazine can pass before my eyes ..... without being devoured ”.

Pascale Mourot
présidente d'AMI-PLUS

Desiring from an early age to orient myself towards a profession into childhood, I chose to study nursing in Psychiatry. For 18 years along, I worked in child psychiatry and it was a professional experience rich in lessons on the helping relationship and the care techniques. It taught me humility and the need to work with uncertainty on a daily basis. Indeed, "taking care" in psychiatry does not allow a rapid and universal response. It requires walking with the person by his side and not in his place. Personal work, constant questioning and the search for the right distance from the person being treated have allowed me to focus on their needs and resources. I then moved on to the job of a healthcare executive. Coaching teams and participating in various projects within the Hospital taught me more about "human relations". My great pleasure has been to promote the collective at work, in the Hospital and with many partners in the city. Committed to Oxfam France, I am an active member of the Local Group of Nancy, mobilized for advocacy actions and citizen information on social injustices and poverty.