Rich experience in France


for Human Rights

Translations, information. But also professional communications and advocacy services because this website is conceived and run by Elda Spaho Bleta, journalist and expert in communications and advocacy in Albania, Kosovo, the Balkans and France since 2001. If you need to speak to immigrants in a way and in a language that they understand so that you are more productive in your projects and endeavors, then you are in the right hands. We offer you a complete combination of experience in France with the one from immigration source countries. We know how to explain and propose products and services tailored to the French context, seen through the eyes of immigrants. We understand and speak both of these "languages". But our offer in communication is not limited to the field of immigration: we devise personalized communication and advocacy strategies, awareness and civil engagement campaigns in human rights.

We design personalized communication and advocacy strategies, awareness and citizens’ engagement campaigns.
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