Regularization through labor: Criteria and documents

What are the basic criteria and groups of immigrants who can benefit from the regularization through labor. And the documents that need to be included in the file? In the previous article I explained the basics of regularization in France through labor as well as the opportunities created by the Valls circular. In this circular, other possibilities of regularization are foreseen...

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The list of jobs opened to foreigners in France

If your profession is found there, it will be easier for you to find a job. It means that the needs exceed the supply of the French labor market. And on the other hand, when you legally apply for a work permit (if you are outside France, but also if you are inside but without a residence permit), you will have more chances of obtaining one.

“Partir, c’est être seul et courageux”

C’est le premier livre que Daniel Éro publie. Et il est dédié à l’amour, avec un grand A. Immigré arrivé en France il y a quelques années, l’Amour lui a donné la force d’avancer, malgré les difficultés administratives et la séparation avec ses proches. C’est l’Amour qui lui a également donné le pouvoir de continuer …

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